Decorative ConcreteSarasota Epoxy Floors. High quality, low maintenance.Value rich stained concrete floors in Sarasota, Fl.

Decorative Concrete

Beautiful concrete floors created by Peter Benjamin Surfaces.

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Sarasota Epoxy Floors. High quality, low maintenance.

Sarasota, Florida Peter Benjamin Surfaces - Let us create your flooring vision!

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Value rich stained concrete floors in Sarasota, Fl.

Beautiful stained concrete floor in Sarasota, Fl. If you can imagine it... Peter Benjamin Surfaces can create it!

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polished concrete Floors & Terrazzo

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Custom Concrete and Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Systems

Our Custom Terrazzo Artisans at Peter Benjamin Surfaces.

Terrazzo pool deck Siesta Key fl

Our Terrazzo artisans create and recondition terrazzo floors and terrazzo counter tops. By exposing marble chips and other fine aggregates on the surface of finished concrete or epoxy-resin, Peter Benjamin Surfaces creates beautiful custom terrazzo floors that will last for generations. Have a terrazzo floor in need of repair? We are your premier terrazzo floor reconditioned, available for polishing and repairing existing terrazzo.

Custom Terrazzo Floors

black glass terrazzo

Terrazzo was originally invented by Venetian construction workers using marble chips from higher end jobs. Actually they have found terrazzo, though not by that name, as early 9,000–8,000 BC) in Western Asia. In the 1970s, polymer-based terrazzo sometimes called thin-set terrazzo was introduced. Today quality long lasting epoxy terrazzo floors can be created boasting the colors of the rainbow!

Custom concrete terrazzo

Traditional concrete terrazzo floor systems boast a long track record of beautiful floors with a system that has lasted for the true traditionalist for hundreds of years. Peter Benjamin surfaces still create these timeless custom masterpieces with the original terrazzo that must be applied at thicknesses of 2 to 3 inches and can incorporate, glass, semi-precious stone, mother of pearl and many other materials to meet our clients taste.

Custom epoxy terrazzo floors


Epoxy terrazzo floors are a recent and formidable competitor in the terrazzo floor market. This floor system is created with a thin-set epoxy terrazzo, poured-in-place topping for concrete substrates that goes on at a thickness of only 1/4 to 3/8 inch, as opposed to traditional terrazzo. This modern day approach to terrazzo is gaining in popularity for many reasons. Besides the cost difference, color choices and custom-ability of epoxy terrazzo, this floor system is (thanks to todays polymers) very durable, giving you a beautiful custom terrazzo floor for many years.

Recondition Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are durable and great for high traffic areas. Much of the time your existing epoxy or concrete terrazzo floors can be brought back to new by polishing or grinding the floor to obtain the original look. At Peter Benjamin Surfaces we have the equipment and know-how to bring your terrazzo back to life!

Polished or Grinded Terrazzo Floors

Peter Benjamin Surfaces uses our heavy duty concrete grinding machines for coatings removal, surface preparation & polishing. This is a cost effective and quick way to bring your epoxy terrazzo or concrete terrazzo back to life!

Resurface terrazzo floors

Do you have worn, discolored concrete in need of an extreme makeover? By covering concrete terrazzo with an overlay, you can fix your terrazzo floor and restore it to like-new condition or completely transform its appearance!


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