Polish Concrete Head Hunters.WARNING

WARNING this past year we have been getting calls like this.
We recently received a call from a customer worried about her concrete floors that were recently done by a floor contractor. When we got on site we saw that the floors were all bubbled up, and a gray top coat sealer on the floors that was flaking up with no luster and shine to them. Our first question to the customer was how long did the contractor take to do your floors. Their answer was two days. First red flag. There’s a lot of contractors out there selling polished concrete but what they’re doing is cleaning the floors and then applying a top coat of wax or xylene based sealers. And charging the customers as if they were truly polishing floors.
To fix this problem we had to run metal diamonds throughout the whole floor to remove the sealer that was applied. Then we had to resurface the floors using 50,100,200 diamond pads and then densifying the concrete.After that was completed we continued the polishing stages at 400,800 and 1500 Diamond resin pads to polish concrete floors. And then finally adding a penetrating sealer and burnishing them at high speeds. This process took over 2 weeks. Please take time to ask your contractor if they could do a sample on your floors so you could see yourself what your floors are going to look like before you commit. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or doubts at 941 677-8833.