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About Our Founder

About Peter Benjamin Designs
Peter Benjamin is an award winning artisan, recognized as an innovator in the world of artistic decorative concrete and counter-top designs, old world terrazzo floors and high tech epoxy floors. He is highly specialized in all aspects of development and application of break-through technology and techniques. For over 25 years he has been providing creative, innovative and essential design solutions to renowned clients in the architectural, design and contractor fields looking to maximize potential and professionalism to their clients.

About Our Company

Peter Benjamin Surfaces has been delighting distinguished corporate clients and homeowners with our “old world” attention to detail for over 25 years. From Terrazzo floors to your custom dream kitchen counter tops, Peter Benjamin Surfaces just make your project unique and classy. Established as the first company to build the very first 100% green building in Florida, the Double Tree Hotel in West Palm Beach we “went green” as part of our unique style and never turned back

Peter Benjamin Surfaces have worked with clients such as WCI Communities, Hilton, Marriott and Double Tree Hotels, Bass Museum in Miami Beach, the Forge Restaurants and Sony Entertainment. These entities along with local non-profit organizations turn to Peter Benjamin to design and renovate properties, create interior and exterior environments and plan designs for pending development.

Our Vision

At Peter Benjamin Surfaces we pride ourselves on our unique, friendly approach to making your vision a reality. We have established a reputation that has won the loyalty of clients, the esteem of colleagues and the praise of city planners, architects, contractors and engineers. Come on in, get comfortable and enjoy the timeless treasures that could make up your next project.
Welcome to Peter Benjamin Surfaces.