Metallic Enhancer Epoxy

Metallic Enhancer Epoxy

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Award winning Artist Peter Benjamin and PETRA SHIELD EPOXY coatings

The floor of an office Bathroom coated with Petra Shield Epoxy in Miami Fl.


One of the hottest trends in decorative concrete floors are metallic coatings that allow you to “gild” your concrete in an array of glistening patinas. One of the newest metallic epoxy systems on the market, Petra Shield Epoxy , allows Peter Benjamin to heighten the effects and make floors look three-dimensional.

A two-component 100%-solids epoxy blended with metallic pigments, Petra Shield Epoxy is self-leveling, permitting easy application and seamless floor surfaces. “The Petra Shield  application method is what really makes  take life,” says Peter Benjamin of Peter Benjamin Surfaces. “Denatured alcohol and other solvents can be used to disperse and drag the metal pigments throughout the epoxy. You can also use air to create a more dynamic metallic effect. Ten to fifteen minutes after spreading Petra Epoxy with a notched squeegee, a leaf blower can be used to ripple, crater, and impel the metallic pigment. You can also get extra creative by drizzling, splotching, or blending one or more colors over the top of the Petra Shield  base color.”