Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor Coating Systems


Epoxy flooring customized to fit your business needs.

Peter Benjamin Surfaces can create many types of epoxy flooring systems for your home or office. Epoxy flooring offers outstanding durability and wear, making them tough enough for use in high-traffic commercial and industrial environments. Because the binder is 100% epoxy, the finished floor surface provides greater resiliency, chemical resistance, compressive strengths, and flexibility than cement-based systems.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Custom epoxy flooring for a unique look!


Epoxy garage floor systems offer a heavy-duty floor coating and not only upgrade the look of the floor, they also increase resiliency to stains and tire marks and hide minor imperfections. With many colors to choose from for the base coating, which can be further enhanced by decorative quartz or paint chips, garage floor coatings give you a wide array of design options.

Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Coating

Epoxy terrazzo floors bring an old world terrazzo look and feel with a new more durable and cost efficient system. Modern-day terrazzo is excellent for multicolored patterns and designs and add value and durability to your floor. Because the epoxy resin matrix can be pigmented, like paint, to achieve an unlimited spectrum of colors the sky is the limit to your epoxy terrazzo floor creation. Epoxy terrazzo also accommodate a wider variety of richly colored aggregates, including chips of marble or granite, recycled glass, mother of pearl, and various synthetic materials.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring for your business!


Peter Benjamin Surfaces uses a industrial epoxy system that incorporates a high-solids, heavy duty, two-component, catalyzed, polyamide epoxy coating that are perfect for demanding industrial requirements. They dry rapidly to a tough, high gloss finish with excellent resistance to alkalis, abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack.

Epoxy Metallic Floor Coatings

Epoxy floors with metallic floor coatings are a new type of epoxy-based system that allows Peter Benjamin Surfaces the freedom to “guild” your concrete to replicate the look of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel, and other shimmery patinas. Some of these coatings contain real metallic powders, while others use special reflective pigments. They are especially popular for floors in retail, office, and restaurant settings, where a modern, upscale look is desired.