Decorative ConcreteSarasota Epoxy Floors. High quality, low maintenance.Value rich stained concrete floors in Sarasota, Fl.

Decorative Concrete

Beautiful concrete floors created by Peter Benjamin Surfaces.

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Sarasota Epoxy Floors. High quality, low maintenance.

Sarasota, Florida Peter Benjamin Surfaces - Let us create your flooring vision!

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Value rich stained concrete floors in Sarasota, Fl.

Beautiful stained concrete floor in Sarasota, Fl. If you can imagine it... Peter Benjamin Surfaces can create it!

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Pebble Rock

Pebble Rock System

Peter Benjamin Surfaces offers Sarasota and Charlotte County a wide variety of color and texture options for pebble rock, with 21 colored materials to choose from.

pebble rock, pebble lock your pool surface in Sarasota

Our Pebble Rock Floor system is comprised of the finest epoxy and river stones that are quarried throughout the world such as North America, South America, and New Zealand. You’ll find our color samples below. In addition to the natural river stones, a full spectrum of colored glass, painted pebble rock, and rare mother of pearl shells provides Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas with an endless array of designs for your next epoxy flooring project, we are just a phone call away. Call us for your free consultation and estimate today!

Who can benefit from our rock and aggregate epoxy flooring?
Architects, designers, builders, business owners, home owners and even flooring installers now have a new option to enhance their creativity and show off their imagination and talents.

Peter Benjamin Surfaces Pebble Rock FloorServices

From large corporate logos to small, subtle designs, your new rock and aggregate epoxy flooring will take on a unique personality all its own. The use of multiple colors in your floor from large squares to custom curves will add flair and excitement to your location that will be one-of-a-kind throughout the world. This is all accomplished through the wide variety of 21 color choices of natural river stone, a full spectrum of colored glass ranging from black to white and a rainbow of colors in between, and rare mother of pearl shells.

Your unique pebble lock design, Our quality craftsmanship.

Our skilled craftsmen can take any existing company logo and embed it into your new Pebble Rock Flooring project. If you prefer, we can work with you to create your own design to give your flooring a unique look that will help your customers to remember their visit to your location.

Pebble Rock Surfaces in Sarasota and Charlotte County

Residential pebble rock creations for the homeowners in Sarasota, Venice, Port Charlotte and surrounding areas can add value and beauty to any area of your property such as driveways, sidewalks, garages, stairs, Jacuzzi and hot tub platforms, pool decks, patios, entry ways, kitchens, great rooms, hallways and much more.

Our Pebble Rock Flooring System is Practical!

Peter Benjamin Surfaces Pebble Rock Flooring (rock and aggregate embedded epoxy flooring) is extremely durable with hardness tests exceeding 11,000 PSI in specially treated areas. Average hardness is from 5,000 PSI to 6,000 PSI. If hardness is a necessity, talk with us about increasing the PSI hardness for your location. Field tests also prove the high quality of Pebble Rock Flooring in extreme climates that vary greatly in seasonal changes from hot, blistering temperatures to sub-zero freezing (not that we have to worry about that!). Our Pebble Rock Flooring system is also approved by OSHA and the ADA as a slip-resistant surface, thereby increasing your compliance for public access and decreasing your liability for slips and falls by visitors to your location.

Our Pebble Rock Flooring system is Easy to Maintain.

Because Pebble Rock Flooring is designed to be porous, dirt and liquids fall away from the surface and are not visible. Dirt, small debris and liquids simply hide beneath the surface until they are easily cleaned and removed. In addition to all of the colors we can blend two colors together to make a virtually endless choice of flooring colors. We also have colored glass in all shades for use in accenting your floor with logos or designs. Gives us a call today for your fee estimate!

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