Decorative ConcreteSarasota Epoxy Floors. High quality, low maintenance.Value rich stained concrete floors in Sarasota, Fl.

Decorative Concrete

Beautiful concrete floors created by Peter Benjamin Surfaces.

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Sarasota Epoxy Floors. High quality, low maintenance.

Sarasota, Florida Peter Benjamin Surfaces - Let us create your flooring vision!

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Value rich stained concrete floors in Sarasota, Fl.

Beautiful stained concrete floor in Sarasota, Fl. If you can imagine it... Peter Benjamin Surfaces can create it!

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Counter Top

Counter Top

Counter tops can be the gem of a home or commercial space. A custom counter top does not have to cost a lot to impress. Peter Benjamin Surfaces has been planning, constructing and resurfacing counter tops for our clients for over 25 years! Let us show you the beautiful creation we can build from scratch or we can resurface your Formica counter top to match the beautiful decor in your home or business!

Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete Counter Top Design and Layout

Let our design experts design a counter top without limits. Peter Benjamin Surfaces can design a counter top that does not have to conform to the usual counter specs. Concrete allows your imagination to set the rules. For home or office when it comes to counter tops, we can make your design a reality!
Concrete Counter Top Construction

Concrete is a versatile and beautiful medium to construct a counter out of. From the ultra modern to the classic beauty, we can make that!

Concrete Counter Top Resurfacing

You love your counter top. Why get rid of it? With our experienced resurfacing team, you won’t have to! Call us for a free quote.
Concrete Counter Top Overlays

Need your counter top to have a fresh “new” look? With concrete that is easy! With many design and color choices, we have just the look and durability you are after. From terrazzo to metallic finishes, take another look at the cost effective and custom look and feel of a Peter Benjamin resurface custom countertop.

Concrete Counter-Top Polishing

Your counter top has stood the test of time. There is nothing wrong with it but it could use a face lift. Allow our polishing experts the opportunity to polish your counter to a smooth, consistent shine that will last for years!
Concrete Counter Top Repair

Remember when your son took his hammer and started “working” on your counter? How about when you dropped that heavy cast iron pot? Keep the memories, not the blemish. Let Peter Benjamin Surfaces repair and color match your and repair your counter! Our experts are here for you!

Formica Counter Top

Don’t throw away your old Formica counter! We can help you re-purpose it into a beautiful custom Peter Benjamin Surfaces Signature counter top!

Formica Counter Top Overlays

Peter Benjamin Surfaces offer a cost-effective approach to beautiful counter tops. For less than a granite counter top you could have a counter in any color or design you, or us can imagine. Contact us and see how our skilled artisans can apply a epoxy overlay that will last for years and save you money!
Formica Counter Top Resurfacing

Do you have an existing concrete or epoxy counter-top. You know how long lasting and beautiful it was! We offer a resurfacing system that will have you enjoying this counter-top in your home or office for many years to come!
Formica Counter Top Overlay Repair

Wood Counter Tops

Wood counters, bars, restaurant tables, we do them all! If you have a wood counter-top or table that you need epoxied or custom designed we are the artisans for the job!

Bar Counter Top Overlays

We have been able to help quite a few bar owners jazz up and protect the wood of their casino and saloon bars! Peter Benjamin Surfaces can bring in the customers and give them a great conversation piece. Give us a call and let us help you.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete Florida Leading polish concrete Leader   We are master craftsmen in the art of staining, repairing and polishing concrete. Peter Benjamin Surfaces is dedicated to providing our customers […]

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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor Coating Systems   Peter Benjamin Surfaces can create many types of epoxy flooring systems for your home or office. Epoxy flooring offers outstanding durability and wear, making them […]

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Concrete Counter Tops

        Peter Benjamin Surfaces is about pushing the limit of creativity with new materials. Now, bring our creativity and craftsmanship to your counter with a “Flip This […]

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Metallic Enhancer Epoxy

Metallic Enhancer Epoxy   Award winning Artist Peter Benjamin and PETRA SHIELD EPOXY coatings The floor of an office Bathroom coated with Petra Shield Epoxy in Miami Fl. METALLIC EPOXY […]

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