Concrete Floor Construction

Concrete Floor Construction

Concrete Floor Construction by Peter Benjamin Surfaces

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Peter Benjamin Surfaces offer a full service flooring solution for your home or office. Peter Benjamin surfaces is your concrete floor construction experts. Whether you are looking for that perfect show piece for your commercial setting, with perhaps your company logo or you are looking for the unique entry way for your beautiful home, we have you covered with our award winning design and installations!

Concrete Design and Layout

Peter Benjamin Surfaces offer our clients a award winning design team capable of taking your vision and making it your reality. Whether you are looking for us to create your vision or want us to design a floor for your home or office your vision is our design!

Designing Commercial/Industrial Floors

The first and most important part of commercial concrete floor construction is design and layout. Many of our commercial clients ask for their company logo to be etched, or dyed into their commercial floor. This makes a very professional statement to their customers and as we all know… branding is everything! At Peter Benjamin Surfaces we have the expertise to design your logo in the vibrant, long lasting colors your name deserves!

Design and layout for residential floors

concrete floor construction

Beautiful concrete floors start with a vision. As the first step in concrete floor construction… we listen to you! Peter Benjamin Surfaces is dedicated to take your dream and with our friendly, knowledgeable artisans bring it to a reality that you can be proud of!

New Concrete Construction Slabs

Peter Benjamin Surfaces is very involved in our clients success. We offer our residential and business clients a wide range of new construction concrete floors. Contact us for your general contract needs for commercial and residential customers.

Commercial Concrete Slab Construction

Concrete floor construction is the most important part of any commercial construction project. All good General Contractors, Property Developers and Construction Engineers realize that without a good strong, solid, smooth and exacting concrete slab a quality building cannot stand. Many of our General Contracting partners rely on Peter Benjamin Surfaces to get the job done right… the first time!

Residential Concrete Slab Construction

Concrete floor construction is the art of making your home durable and esthetically pleasing. Your home is your castle. We get it. From new construction to add on concrete slabs we take the care and quality to heart! Let us help you build your castle to endure for generations.

Concrete Enlargements

Many times our clients have existing concrete floors that need enlargement for expansion. For home or office as your needs expand, we are there to help you grow!

Commercial Concrete Enlargements

You own the land to expand. Your business is growing. You need more room in your warehouse or show room. Let Peter Benjamin Surfaces give you the office or warehouse your company needs! From polished concrete to terrazzo floors Peter Benjamin Surfaces offers a full line of concrete floor construction to fit your needs!

Residential/Home Concrete Enlargements

From growing families, in laws, new office or kitchen. You need a bigger space. We can help you with that. Unique design, concrete slab, pool deck… if you can dream it we can build it!

Concrete Overlays

Peter Benjamin Surfaces offers a wide range of overlays for our commercial and residential clients. From pebble rock to epoxy we can get the job done and more importantly… done right!

Concrete Demolition and Disposal

Peter Benjamin Surfaces offer a full service flooring solution. Give us your vision and then sit back and relax! We will handle the demolition and disposal of your old floor.