Creating a 3 dimensional Concrete Art Flooring By Peter Benjamin Surfaces

A true artist has the courage to get outside of his comfort zone and this is when true masterpieces are born. Courage is possibly the most important trait of a  great artist and one who creates meaningful and powerful works.

Art Flooring by Peter Benjamin

The concept behind the artistry at Double Tree by Hilton, flows from the creative imagination of Sarasota, Florida designer & concrete artist Peter Benjamin of Peter Benjamin Surfaces. 

Peter Benjamin mixed his own custom-formulated  micro-topping system and custom-tinted color formulations on day 1.

3d Peter Benjamin Surfaces flooring3d Peter Benjamin Surfaces flooring 

On the second day he applied multi colors of acid stain,to the all-ready dried tinted colored micro-topping concrete on the surfaces.

On the third day his measure of artistic skill  had contractor’s scratching their heads,went Peter Benjamin started to add drops of oil to the surface,as he then added a black powder into pump sprayer’s filled with water flooding the surface,Peter Benjamin calls this process (aging the surfaces)

 On the fourth day Peter Benjamin added a 3 part epoxy to the surface and waited for the Epoxy to harden over night. 

Epoxy Art flooring

 On the fifth day,Peter Benjamin followed immediately with  sanding the surfaces exposing the divots created by the oil on the third day,then cleaning the surface  with denatured Alcohol,the surfaces showcased hundreds of lager and small pinholes.The dominant artistic element of this project came in filling hundreds of pinholes with  golden glitter infused silicone. 

On the sixth day,a final coat of clear high-build, 100-percent solids, two-component epoxy coating was applied.

It’s a beautiful floor, it’s playful,”. “It’s functional, easy to clean, and vibrant.”

“It’s really a showstopper, the true showcase of the Hotel,”  “It pulls everything together .”