Completed pebble rock patio in Sarasota

Extending patio and stairs in Sarasota Fl

This is our latest completed new patio extension finished in Sarasota Fl. Just finished! A new 20×14 concrete patio pad including stair case and extending pad with pebble rock system installation in Sarasota Fl.

This patio took lest than one week’s time to complete including county and city inspections.Pebble patio new construction in Sarasota

Extending stairs and extending pad with our pebble rock system overlay is truly a winner with all of our customer’s looking for simple elegance and longevity.

Before we started pebble rock job in Sarasota

Before Sarasota Pebble Lock Job

After we completed pebble rock job in Sarasota

After Sarasota pebble rock job

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