Collaborating on a $8.7 million dollar Project in Siesta Key Florida.

Sarasota’s concrete Artist Peter Benjamin takes the spotlight again.Creating a four color chip and glass terrazzo work of art.


Terrazzo Contractor: Peter Benjamin Surfaces/Decorative Concrete Emporium

PROJECT NAME Pocatello          LOCATION  Sarasota,Florida 34236        PROJECT STATUS  Finished
SIZE 5,000 sq. feet      CLIENT/OWNER Private

Talk about a grand entrance! The stunning design was the perfect choice for both the space and the architecture of the building.Over 40,000 lbs of Terrazzo Stone and glass chips were embedded in the floor by four subtle neutral terrazzo colors.  The combination of China White marble, transparent glass chips,Aqua blue glass and mirror chips accent this yet timeless Surfaces.Terrazzo offers an environmentally friendly and extremely durable choice for Seaside escape setting


The spectral light of Florida’s inter-coastal waterway is gently articulated on the exterior frame of this unique residence and elegantly integrated with the rotated floor plan. The south west water front elevation’s fifty five foot long expansive glass sliding doors, designed under intense hurricane code restrictions disappear when opened. The house opens to the sleek elevated three sided vanishing edge pool, respecting the incredible water vistas and limit the sightlines to the neighboring residences. 
A projected frame concept was developed to frame the rear façade and shelter it from the south west sun. This frame becomes a covered balcony on the first floor and extends out towards the water to become a sun deck on the second floor and anchors the back of the house by returning to grade. 
The front of the residence showcases a linear water feature lined motor court that leads to the main entrance. The entry sequence has visitors walk over this water feature via a glass bridge. The light passes through the bridge and cast dramatic shadows and reflections onto the home. The wood clad – four car garage reads as a singular component extending from the angular two story elevation, complementing the cantilevered box frame room which shelters the front door. 
The first floor living area is an expansive open plan with the kitchen anchoring the great room to the dining room, sitting area and a casual living room which are all open to the outdoor living space by walls of movable glass doors. The second floor also captures the water vistas with large panels of sliding doors that open the bedrooms to the outdoors.

A little about the Terrazzo Contractor: Peter Benjamin of Peter Benjamin Surfaces

Peter Benjamin is an award winning artisan, recognized as an innovator in the world of artistic decorative concrete and counter-top designs, old world terrazzo floors and high tech epoxy floors. He is highly specialized in all aspects of development and application of break-through technology and techniques. For over 25 years he has been providing creative, innovative and essential design solutions to renowned clients in the architectural, design and contractor fields looking to maximize potential and professionalism to their clients.