Benefits of terrazzo flooring

Custom Terrazzo Instalation

Custom Terrazzo Installation

  • Terrazzo flooring is very strong and easily resists damage. It resists fire and nearly always is non-slip. This is a great choice for a kitchen where wear and tear is common.

  • One of the significant pluses is that terrazzo floor is very low maintenance. After the designated sealer has been applied and dried, this mosaic floor is also waterproof. Cleaning calls for merely a broom and a swish of a mop.
  • Versatility is always appealing and terrazzo fits the bill. There are numerous versions of color, texture and finish and designs. Terrazzo flooring gives you the freedom to create intricate and multicolored designs such as graphics and a myriad of geometric shapes. It would be impossible for any two terrazzo floors to look identical.
  • Terrazzo flooring is especially appealing due to its being “green”. Its material components are all natural, there are no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in terrazzo and it has a great deal of recycled material. This will only become more appealing as time goes by.
  • This product is perfect for people with environmental allergies. Because terrazzo flooring is so hard and dense, no mold or allergens can penetrate it. It is also good for pet owners.
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