Artistic Counter tops

Peter Benjamin Surfaces is about pushing the limit of creativity with new materials.

Staind concrete countertop

The highly regarded and in demand Signature Series Collection opens up a world of inspiration and imagination by delivering endless creative options for stunning spaces. As with all Peter Benjamin Signature Series Surfaces all are an original masterpiece by the artist himself. The “right” artwork can make a dramatic statement and instantly transform the look of your home or gallery. Our award winning designer will help you choose the surface that’s right for you and deliver results to exceed your expectations. With extensive styles, professional installation and helpful, knowledgeable design specialists to guide you, we’ll make the process easy and seamless. You’ll get more than just beautiful artworks from our Signature Series Collection. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes from high quality, durable raw materials and a finished masterpiece that will add value to your home or business.


Epoxy Art

consist of an ultra high performance concrete and epoxy system that is
used in new construction, or installed directly over existing laminate or tile!
• Bonds directly to Formica, tile, marble, or MDF surfaces
(No mess or time spend on demolition)
• Choice of high-gloss or “burnished” (matte) finish
• Easily replicates the highest-end look in granite – the chiseled edge
• Can achieve virtually any appearance for granite, marble, stone,
concrete, or unique solid surface looks (even logos!)
• Several times stronger than granite
• Provides scratch and heat resistance
• Seamless!
• Non-porous surface resists germs
(USDA approved for use in restaurants)
• Completely waterproof
• Rush installs available
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Lightweight and cost efficient and reduce shipping cost

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Concrete Counter-tops